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We are committed to tithing the donations we receive to support ministries which feed the hungry, help the oppressed, and preach the Gospel - both locally and globally.  Here are some of the organizations that we support.

Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

Formerly the Baptist Union of Western Canada, the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC) is a community of churches which is engaged in reaching people for Christ by seeking the health and extending the ministry of the local church.  Churches within the CBWC are in all four western provinces, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories.  156 churches belong to the CBWC (including West Van Baptist), plus about thirty church plants, serving around 100,000 worshippers in churches large and small, rural and urban.  We worship God in more than thirty languages.  Our theology represents moderate Christian values in an evangelical posture.  We reach out to our neighbours to share the good news of Christ through ministries that share God’s love in our communities, both locally and internationally. Everywhere, in word and deed, Christ is proclaimed. http:/

Our gifts support: 

Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM)

Carey Theological College

Seven summer camps across western Canada, Church planting, leadership training and much more.


Together with Canadian Baptist Ministries we have partnered with the Association des Eglises Baptistes au Rwanda since 2004 in leadership training, community development, peace and reconciliation, and HIV/AIDS ministries.   This partnership is called STEP, an acronym for Serving, Training, Energizing Partnerships and is based on mutual learning. Holistic ministry is at the heart of STEP, as we work together to ensure that our proclamation has social consequences, and our social involvement has evangelistic consequences.  We have a particular focus on churches in the Kigali area.  We are also involved with the Children of Hope ministry, which supports vulnerable children and youth in Rwanda who live in child- or youth-led households.  This ministry works to ensure that children in the program have access to education, adequate food, water, and medical care, and protection from abuse.  We also support Bruno and Kathleen Soucy, Global Field Staff with CBM, who are based in Kigali.  For further information about STEP go to .

On June 17, 2012 Bruno Soucy, Global Field Staff Rwanda spoke to us about the integral mission of CBM in Rwanda through partnerships with the local churches and communities. 

Click on
Bruno Soucy Rwanda 2012-06-17 2nd.mp3 to hear Bruno's message.


We have sent several Short-Term Mission Teams to Rwanda, see details below:

Rwanda Mission Trip 2005
Rwanda Mission Trip 2007
Rwanda Mission Trip 2010
Mission Trip Rwanda 2012

The Sharing Way

The Sharing Way is the relief and development department of Canadian Baptist Ministries.  It works in partnership with the poor in Africa, India, and Central and South America.  Through its sustainable community development programs it is responding to some of the greatest needs in our world on behalf of Canadian Baptists.  Its vision is to bring social, economic, and spiritual transformation through the empowering ministry of the local church.  http:/

Keats Camps

Located on Keats Island in Howe Sound, the 200 acre camp first started in 1926 with a mandate to provide people of all ages with a high quality camping experience.

Keats is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to proclaiming Christ through quality camping opportunitiies and discipling Christian leaders.  It offers action-packed summer camps for children and youth, where they can try out new skills in a safe environment, build relationships, and learn about Jesus Christ.

The Open Door Ministry

Begun in North Vancouver in 1976, The Open Door provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support to single Moms and their preschool aged children.  While children take part in a licensed childcare program, moms can sit and relax with a cup of coffee, participate in a craft, eat a home cooked lunch and take part in an optional Bible study.

The Open Door meets at Hillside Baptist Church on Mondays from 9:30am to 1:30pm.

The contact person is Donna Pearson.  Click on THE OPEN DOOR.

The Harvest Project


The Harvest Project reaches out to individuals and families across Metro-Vancouver's North Shore who are challenged by family breakdown, illness, job loss, and poverty.  It touches more than 1,000 people each month - with client-care coaching, emergency drop-in visits, appointments at their grocery depot and Clothes For Change thrift shop.  In "extending a hand up, not a hand out" it helps people cope with difficult life circumstances and move towards being self-sufficient once again.  Click on THE HARVEST PROJECT

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

We support WVBC member, Charis Goh, who is a staff worker with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship in Montreal.  The purpose of Inter-Varsity is the transformation of youth, students and graduates, in all their ethnic diversity, into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.  On campus, students are called to study the Bible and embrace the academic world.  The challenge to address the questions of the intelligentsia with a disciplined and structured account of faith characterizes the work.  Through the years, Inter-Varsity has been committed to student leadership, being shaped by each generation and helping them find their own voice.

Service times:
8:45 and 10:30am

 April 3
Good Friday
"Voices from the Cross"
Pastor Peter Quek

April 5
One Service at 10:30am
"Didn't our Hearts Burn within us?"
Pastor Peter Quek

April 12
"Journey with Jesus - Choosing One Thing"
Pastor Peter Quek

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